About the Author

Trisha Watson, holds a deep reverence for nature and compassion for those in need, especially animals. Of course that encompasses pets too, and thus all her dogs and cats over the years have been rescues or strays. One of her passions is to save animals through adoption, so a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to an animal rescue charity.

Twenty years of self-employment helped her develop a can-do attitude, so writing her first book, while intimidating, was something she felt driven to do. When asked about the process of writing a book, she said, “It wasn’t my intention to write a book, but this story wouldn’t leave me alone. Much of it flowed easily. Some of it I don’t remember writing, which at first was spooky but later made complete sense as the story revealed itself. My hope is that this book, in some way, will touch those who read it.”

At sixteen, Trisha began her spiritual journey. At twenty-six, she had an out-of-body, near-death-experience, almost dying of pneumonia. She said, “This was the most transformational experience of my life.” Over the years she has delved into many facets of life with an open mind and a dash of healthy skepticism. Always looking forward, she seeks to encounter, learn, and share with others. Her philosophy says it best, “We are all each other’s students and teachers.”

Trisha was born in Rhode Island. A few years later her family moved to the “Mile High City,” Denver, Colorado, where she grew up. As an adult she was drawn to live in the mountains, eventually settling in Evergreen, a small mountain town outside of Denver. It is there she’s built a life with her husband Mark and their two dogs, Maggie and Cooper.